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NTS Request Forms
Human Resources
Pre-Employment/New Hire Forms Page**
Insurance Forms Page**
Monthly Attendance - Exempt Employees
Weekly Attendance Rcrd-Hourly/Non-Exempt
Name Change Form
Payroll Check Direct Deposit Form
NTS Information Technology Policy
NTS Information Technology Acknowledgement
401k Contribution Change Form
401k Beneficiary Form
Allstate Wellness Claim Form
Allstate Accident Insurance Benefit Claim Form
NTS Tuition Reimbursement Agreement
NTS Tuition Reimbursement Course Approval
Pay Change Form
Bonus Form
Performance Evaluation Form Instructions
Performance Evaluation Form
Human Resources Fax
Corporate Templates
Incident Report Form
Reporting a Worker's Comp Claim Info
Snow Removal and Salting Log
2022 Expense Report Deadlines and Reminders
Flat Rates for Mileage Reimbursement
Expense Report Policy
Expense Report
Direct Deposit Authorization
Travel Log
HCP Incident Report
NTS Memo
NTS Fax Sheet
NTS Letterhead
Blank Current Month Calendar
Full Year Calendar
IS Request Forms
IS Request Guidelines
Data Add/Change/Delete
Programming New/Change
Yardi New Bank Account Setup
Yardi GL Account New/Change
Yardi Property/Owner New/Change
Accounting Templates
Check Request
Ascent Properties Rent ACH
NTS Commercial Rent ACH
NTS Commercial Notice to Cancel ACH Debits
Campus Three ACH Rent Form
Commercial Adjustment Request
Commercial Write-Off Request
Asset Disposition Form
Project Information Form
Tenant Status Change Notice
Petty Cash
Referral Form
Lease Charge Adjustment Form

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